Monday, July 14, 2008

Flies, Branches & Feet

Today's run was up at Wild River State Park.  Not a marathon in length, but a marathon of fighting deer flies and mosquitos. 

Here's a nice view of Pete's back and flies hovering above and hitching a ride. 
At first, I would swat them off his back when there were more than 3.  After mile 5, I only swatted them off when I couldn't see his shirt any longer.

Finally, we got smart and started swatting them with switches:

This is me in my new GoLite Rush hydration system.  I need lots of liquid.  I like having one bottle of something other than water.  But, the waist pack drove me nuts at Afton last week.  This test run of the GoLite was very encouraging.
Problems: the water bladder sinks toward the bottom of the pack.  The Camelbak is constructed so that the bladder is held up.  Also, the GoLie has less insulation; the water got warmer (the temp of my back) faster.  Other than that, I enjoyed having access to stuff in the side pockets and the extra bottle was not too cumbersome to reach.

Feet: blister on heel did well today.  Now I have a seem rubbing on toes.  I need HELP with Socks!!!


keith said...

try either the injinji or the smartwool socks...i also know that Julie uses some kind of voodoo foot potion on her feet that works pretty well. don't know where she gets it or what the recipe is....ya gotta ask her.

Andrew said...

I use the Wright sock - the double layer style.

It's two layers of a very thin sock so the socks themselves rub together and not your foot on the sock - if that makes any sense. I usually by them mail order from REI as they always seem to be on sale. Durable too.

Definitely understand why 26.2 us not doable today - that’s what I call pestilence.

Anonymous said...

You might want to check out a new hydration tool called 'AquaJoe'. It's ideal for situations where there is access to clean water. There is a video of it on

David Ray said...

I'm using udder cream and Injinji's. If stream crossings are forecast, I'll use Hydropel.

And research shows that deer flies are attracted to the color blue. So, nice shirt that Pete's wearing.

I use Avon's Skin So Soft to deter the deer flies. I soak my hat with the stuff, then spray my neck and shoulders.

tiffany said...

i ran the other day. i won't tell you how far....i'd be embarrassed.