Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eli the Business Man

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Eli recently stuck his head in a local shop. He stayed awhile. He talked with the owners. He fell in love with the store and the owners, "Lost Treasures." I think they fell in love with him.

The owners asked Eli to make some postcards featuring shots from around town to sell in their shop.

Not being one to pass up an opportunity to make money, and bug the heck out of dad in the process, Eli set about finding a way to make postcards.

The above is his most recent find. Buy some online. Eli gets a 20% profit on each card. Click here to buy online.


come to Stillwater and buy his postcard in a great little store just off Main Street called "Lost Treasures."

1 comment:

Julie Ann Fee said...

main street and what? I will be in stillwater tomorrow late morning and i will stop in and buys some! that's great! Way to go Eli.