Monday, October 4, 2010

East of Eden

Elia Kazan. "A Letter to Elia," by Martin Scorsese. Fascinating show tonight on PBS. I was enthralled.

East of Eden is one of my all time favorite books. The movie was not.

But after watching about 10 minutes of "A Letter to Elia," I'm ready to try watching it again. I also now want to watch "Wild River" by Elia Kazan.

It's funny how interacting with a good show makes me terribly interested in its topic.

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phillip gary said...

I have a section in my book due out this month called "101 Movies to Watch 1001 Times," meaning they are life long films that one can view from time-to-time and still find new insights or nuances.

"East of Eden" is on that list. I havn't read the book. Since you're going to rethink the movie and view it again, I'll get the book and read it.

Phillip Gary Smith