Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lessons I Need To Learn

I have learned many things in the past five years as I've transitioned, no, jumped in without looking back, to ultra running (I'm not running Twin Cities Marathon this year - no more road races for me?). Most of what I've learned has meshed well with the attitude of grace that we've experienced since attending Bethlehem Baptist Church, almost 5 years ago as well.

However, I have learned and changed more from my wife's mostly gentle proddings than anything or anyone in this world. That's how it should be. There is much about me that needs to change. Most of those things directly impact my wife, and not for the good.

Here's an example. I generally get home pretty early in the day by the standard of most. I do so because the hours between 4 and 6 are awful for Marty. So in this area, I'm doing well.

However, tonight I ran into the office to get a phone number and promised I'd be back in time to help put the toddlers to bed. I wasn't. I forgot. Yes, it was a good, important phone call. And I had lots of other excuses, like I needed to straighten the notes on my desk, and check for messages, blah, blah , blah. I could even say that I was away for the sake of earning a living for our family. But in the end, I said I'd be back to help put the toddlers to bed and I wasn't.

I'm not characterized by unkept promises. But I learned tonight that even one is one too many.

Tomorrow, I'm putting everyone to bed, by myself. Have a great night, Marth.


Kate said...

New reader and I am not an ultra runner by any means, but I love running in "inappropriate" runningwear. And I love that I took a scissors to my expensive wicking shirt (that someone told me I just "had to have") at a friend's pit stop house along my way and cut a v-neck in it because it was CHOKING ME. Usually I come running in for the bathroom or a drink of water, but I ran in demanding scissors this time. They wondered if I was being chased.

phillip gary smith said...

After enough metamorphic baseball bats to the head, husbands learn over time.

One of the great Biblical characters, Job, now Steve Job(s), invented little handheld pods (God Pods?) that can go a long way to easing those time strains.

Particularly if one uses the alarm feature to 'keep' time . . . .

Anyway, ultrathoners are by
definition wacky, so that should get you off the hook at least a little . . . shouldn't it?

Phillip Gary Smith,
Still in the dark on the trails.