Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Morning Run

I woke at 2:10. Ate. Decided to run in Cascadias and not the new Montrails. If I kept on my slow pace, and left the house at 2:30, I could get to church (within stones throw of the MetroDome) at 9:00. Left the house at 2:46. Arrived at church at 9:16. I know my pace pretty well.

Dark. Starry. Saw two shooting stars. Ran to Gateway Trail. Gateway Trail to State Capitol. I ran mostly without headlamp. I could tell where the tree covered trail was because it was solid black while the surroundings were not solid black. Near Highway 36, a bicyclists with headlamps as bright as a locomotive went by, heading north. We met again near Interstate 35 later in the morning. He was now going south. I was going south both times.

The sun came up as I neared Interstate 35. St. Paul buildings glistened. I ran across the Capitol mall.

Summit Ave gave me renewed vigor. Running the opposite direction of the marathon always does. The bottle of Coke in a Big Gulp cup of ice also renewed me. So did my new Running Playlist, including incredible songs from Lifehouse, Theory of a Deadman, Green Day, Coldplay and Tyrone Wells.

Walk, run. Repeat. All the way down Grand Ave.

Below a 12 min/mile pace until hour 5; then slipped to 12:14. But I just had to stop for that Coke. Spent hour 6 reclaiming the 12 min/mile pace.

Up West River Road, along with every single possible runner in Minneapolis. I was the least fashionable.

West on Franklin. A great avenue, just not a great running avenue. Saw some 8:20 min/mile pace during the last half hour.

Eli handed me a bag of clean clothes at 32.29 miles, 6 1/2 hours after leaving home.
I changed and lingered in the coffee and doughnut area of the church as long as church etiquette allowed. Thank goodness for the Fees, who helped me stretch that a long time.

Then, entered sanctuary and "caught" last 15 minutes of sermon. I actually comprehended most of what I heard. Also able to stand for last song. And go down stairs afterward to get little one from nursery.

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Carl said...

Wow! What a neat run!

I've done the Gateway early before (although more like 4:30 instead of 2:30). It really is dark, but a neat time to turn off the light and just enjoy the night.

Great way to end the run too!