Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Mistakes That Only an iPhone Could Make" or "Unforgettable Piper"

This afternoon, while bedding down for a nap, I noticed the new Voice Control app on the iPhone. I dutifully watched the instructional video (after trying to figure it out first and failing. I said, "Marty," hoping the phone would call my wife. Instead, a Dave Brubeck song started playing. It took me about 2 minutes to figure out how to stop it.). In the video, I learned that I could say, "Call Marty," and the iPhone would call her. I can say, "Play Weazer," and it will play songs by Weazer. I actually don't have any songs by Weazer in my iTunes.

So, with the correct prompt words, I opened Voice Control and said, "Play Unforgettable Fire."
I wondered, would the iPhone play the specific song or the entire album entitled "Unforgettable Fire?"

The female, electronic, monotone voice replied, "Now playing songs by Noel Piper."

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SteveQ said...

A friend, tinkering with my home computer, rigged it so every time I log on, I hear, "You have no new e-mail, loser." And sometimes, I hear 2001's HAL saying, "I'm sorry (Dave), but I can't do that" when I open a file.

At least yours are actual mistakes!