Saturday, August 8, 2009

Inviting Interruptions

It’s been quite a day. Actually, it’s simply been a hot and wet day. We drove through torrential rain in the morning and arrived at the MN Bluegrass & Old-time Music Assoc. Festival near St. Cloud. At the campground, most of the puddles were lakes, and most of the roads were muddy rivers. We were ill equipped in our sandals and flip-flops. We’ve decided that if we return next year we’ll set up shop next to the pulled pork stand and sell something practical:
Fiddle Flip-flops, Gee-tar Galoshes, Mandolin Moccasins, and Banjo Boots

The kids performed in the talent show. They did very well, but didn’t make the top three. Their band is called “Inviting Interruptions.”

It takes a lot of time, a lot of attempts and a lot of patience to find a name for a band. I was pushing for “U4.” Some of you will get this joke. Then, about two weeks ago, while we were brainstorming on the back deck (with thesaurus in hand) we landed on “Interruptions.” For about 30 minutes we struggled with adjectives until someone said, “Inviting.” While we continued with other adjectives, we kept returning to “Inviting.”

Interruptions describe our lives. There are lots of them. Some are good, some are bad, some are rude, some are impolite, some are necessary, and some are life-and-death important.

“Inviting” adds a twist. We’re still figuring out how to explain the twist. Maybe watch Emma’s (my daughter) blog for more on this.

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