Saturday, June 27, 2009

Couldn't Do It

I had everything set out. The checklist filled out and items checked.
Shoes on the table, socks and gators in the shoes.

This would be my first run at Afton since....the last time I ran at Afton. The last time I ran at Afton was March 20. I really didn't run at Afton; the trail was so rough I ended up running the road.

So, I was really excited about waking at 4:45 to get out and run the 25K loop at 6:00; all on trails. I usually don't run on Saturdays. I don't want to miss the family time. So, Fridays are my long days. I can get up, get a long run in, and be in the office by 11. I can also usually squeeze a shower in there somewhere.

Also, as most of you know, the Afton 50K is next Saturday, and I really need to get some trail time in.

I woke at 2:20. Zeke had gotten out of bed and had taken up a new sleeping location on the floor outside our bedroom door. I deposited his limp body back in his bed. That's when the thunder and lightening started. And rain.

I don't mind running in just about any weather. But after FANS, I really dislike wet.
At 2:30, I checked the weather radar on the iPhone. Through squinty eyes, I could tell that this rain was going to last until at least 8 or 9.

So, I shut off all the alarms (there are a few), and went back to sleep.

I guess my first real run out at Afton this year will have to wait until the actual race. See you all next Saturday! I should be well rested.

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