Friday, March 20, 2009

Afton - 1 Joel - 0

This morning's run was very difficult. The trails at Afton were significantly icy. The ice has just been covered by a fresh coat of snow. (It was snowing so hard as I drove to Afton at 5:30am, that I could not see the lines on the road) I could sometimes tell which patches of snow were actually ice because the ice-snow was less not-white than the actual snow. At 3 miles, I was done running. Then I realized that the trail was near the road (St Croix Trail). So, I jumped up on the road and ran down into Afton. Then, turned back south along the river road as it wandered back to the park. I found new roads that runs along the north side of the park, Quadrant and 53rd St. Beautiful.

Then, back into the park for the last 4 miles. Here are some details, and then some photos.
15.09 miles
11:37 ave/mile
27 degrees and cold wind
Playlist titled "Worship." Some of the artists: Chris Tomlin, Switchfoot, Leeland, U2

The look of today's trail.

53rd St S. Just my footprints and car tracks.

Back in the park, up on the prairie.

The prairie was surprisingly beautiful this morning. Usually I endure this section. This morning I enjoyed it.

The St Croix River

Overlook near parking lot.

Do you know where this on the 25 K Trail?

Me, trying to take a full body self-portrait. That's the trademark Joel Button "teeth gritting."

Yes, after five attempts, the full body shot.


Kel said...

Hi Joel, I just found your blog after your post to MN Dead Runners about Afton trail conditions. Your picture looks familiar - I've probably seen you at a few local races.

Thanks for sharing the info on trail conditions at Afton! I found similar (icy and basically unrunnable since I forgot my Stabilicers) conditions at Hyland last weekend. Makes me a little nervous since I'm anxious to get out on trails before Chippewa.

I'll link your blog up to mine - please let me know if you'd like me to remove it.

Matthew Patten said...

Most of the ice melted today. I was there Tuesday, and.... well, did not have any fun. I pretty much got stuck on the back forty.

The back forty will be a swamp for a few days now.

David Ray said...

Beautiful pics. But shorts in a 27 degree cold wind? Not this Georgia boy. We were getting sunburned this weekend. The snow is crazy. Good run though. Way to tough out the conditions.