Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Web Networking

I've found another great site for marketing and networking. It's called www.squidoo.com.
Check out the site I created for the firm. It took me three minutes.


It appears to allow me to add youtube videos, google searches, blog sites, amazon resources and other things related to a list of search items that I provide. Looks like it might be a great resource for people, if I can figure out how to use it.

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Emma said...

Hey Dad!
So i was researching for an essay i'm going to write about Addis, and I was trying to figure out when the artical about the Woldes was published. so i googled like Mamo Wolde Runners World and i found a blog post about you! i don't know if you read it and i think that it might be a direct copy from the Runner's World hero thing... but here's the link, it's pretty cool