Saturday, May 9, 2009

Preparing for Run

I usually don't blog about a run before I run.

I've been looking forward to tonight's run a lot ever since I Google "moon calendar" and found out that tonight is a full moon. Running under a full moon is incredible. Sometimes, the darkness is so light that it isn't really night running. Several nights ago, the almost full moon and cloudless night reminded us of an October evening, except that the wind was warm and the smell in the air was cut grass and not dry leaves.

Why a night run? I'm hoping to run FANS 24 in June. 24 hours around Lake Nokomis. That particular night includes a full moon. I also need more practice running on the road. FANS is lacking in single track trails. Actually, there is a single track trail around most of the metro lakes, but the concrete is right next to it.

But today has been cold. And tonight...39 degrees. I had to unpack my gloves and hat.

Running from home to church in downtown Minneapolis. Marty and the kids will meet me at church with clothes, food, and cologne!

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