Monday, May 5, 2008

2nd Marathon Monday

These stairs greet us at mile 2 and then again at mile 21.  

Gravel road relief from rough trails.  At the turn around, we jumped on a gravel road.  We ran  a little past the Sunrise, MN cemetery, turned around and ran back to the trail.  A flat surface is sometimes a welcome break.

This tree looks like how I felt today...

Today's marathon photo.
Today's time was a little better: 4:48.00.  
We're still getting used to running a marathon once every week, and the trails are still pretty rough..


Emma said...

oh yeah, zeke and i ran this last week... our run was pretty much the same as yours, except it took us 3:12.08 .
like the tree


I like the view of the stairs. It makes them look like their a mile long.