Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Walk to Beautiful

Late night. Finally in bed. Remote control. Power button. PBS. An unusual lingering. The language sounded like Amharic. 

Marty and I sat mesmerized until midnight. Shattered lives. Girls who are cast out. Ethiopian girls who walk, hitchhike, ride buses to reach the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. A source of hope. The movie: "A Walk to Beautiful."  

Wubete was 18, beautiful, married young, pregnant young, too small to give birth.  Labor, labor and more labor.  Injuries.  Check out this link to learn about fistula.  Cast out, she had no future.  

Wubete's surgeries did not work.  Co-producer Allison Shigo emailed me a few days ago after I asked about Wubete's current situation.  Wubete works and lives at Grace Village.  Check out her update.  Wubete is only a few years older than Addis.  Addis has said several times that if she were still in Ethiopia, she would be considered too old to marry.

How can we help?  Thinking, praying...


tiffany said...

Thank you for sharing that. We want to watch that movie now.


I saw that documentary a few nights ago as well. Yes, How can we help? Beautiful young girls married way too young. They miss their childhood yet when the surgery is a success the smile returns along with the hope. Wubete smiles but still looks sad.

Carol said...

Wubete is so beautiful. I hope she is doing well. I wish her the very best. I just felt her heart. Such a true and beautiful young woman in the inside as well as the outside. God Bless her.