Sunday, May 25, 2008

Recovery before the ....

Tonight, a storm blew through the Twin Cities.  The boys and I walked around the block to look at the clouds.  Little did we know that in Hugo, about 25 miles away, a little child would die and 22 would go missing.

We rounded the final corner just as it started to rain.  Once inside, it began to hail.  Beautiful pounding that makes a bright green lawn look like the middle of winter.  Afterward, everyone went out to fill their cup with ice and then diet Coke.  No damage to the car parked outside.

Tomorrow, Pete and I pick up our marathon Mondays once again.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little longer... about 30 miles.  We need a little break from Wild River State Park, so we're running on the Ice Age Trail near his house.

Following graduation, we took a few days to enjoy the Twin Cities.  Check out these new photos.

This week marks the beginning of 6-7 weeks of preparation for the bar exam.  

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