Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday's Cold Run

This morning, Mike Johnson and I headed out around 7:15, completely covered from head to toe in something designed to keep us warm. The only skin exposed was a 2" band between our brows and just below our eyes. It turned out to be a glorious, sun-drenched morning of running on back country roads, and reconnecting. Mike ran 12 marathons in 12 months during 2012. He also ran Boston last year and was within 6 blocks of the finish line when they shut down the race. He said that as runners kept coming forward toward the finish, the place where they halted the race began filling up with runners, and the area actually looked like the start of the race. Mike is preparing to run Boston again this year. The wind was brutal in places. In other places, without the wind and with the sun, it was balmy. We had to run on the XC ski trail in William O'Brien state park for a very short section. Wow. Those XC skiers are like the Soup-Nazi on Seinfeld. Our tracks barely even made a mark on the trails, because they were wind-swept. That makes no difference to some people. Oh well. Marty picked us up at a little coffee shop in Marine. A glorious morning.