Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Shoes

I have been running in Brooks Cascadias for nearly five years. I've burned through about 6 pairs. That's a lot for me. With only one exception, they have been incredible for trail running, snow running, ice running, road running and plain not running.

My good friend Pete does not run in Brooks. He has run in just about everything, pausing on Montrail for awhile. I love running with Pete, primarily because he never pushes anything on me. I hope that by now, he could say the same of me.

Several weeks ago, after running together at O'Brien, Pete let me try on his bright red Inov8s; I think they were the X talons: a minimalist trail running shoe. This means that it has very little heel cushion and very little midsole support.

They felt like nothing I've ever put on. So...... after finding a discount online store, and then adding my UMTR discount, I've temporarily taken a leave of absence from Brooks:


Chris Swenke said...

Will you be sporting these at Afton this year?

Shawn said...

You'll love them, Joel. I have a similar pair from LaSportiva and they're terrific! Might want to hold onto the Brooks for the really long days, though.

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