Sunday, August 14, 2011


In February of this year, my back began to bother me. It continued. About two months ago, it bothered me more. Some mornings, I couldn't get out of bed unless I shifted the direction of my head.
Since I haven't run much this year, I couldn't blame it on long runs. So, I blamed it on a lack of running.
I went to the doctor. She sent me to physical therapy. There was some relief. I went to the chiropractor. There was significant release for about 4 hours.
I returned to the doctor. I had an MRI.
I have a herniated disc between the C4 and C5 vertebrae.

I am not certain what this means for my running. Time will tell.


Chris said...


This must be the summer of disc issues for I just read on Julie Bergs blog about her issue with herniated discs and I continue to fight my battle with this issue as well.

Stick with the PT for a stronger back is usually the cure for an long sustained recovery.

All the best,

Steve said...

So sorry to hear, Joel. I've been battling back and hip problems as well, and time does heal most injuries. Now I've been back running solidly for the past 5 weeks, with only minor aggravations. I find the more active I am, the better my back is. Give yourself some time and try to be patient. I think the patience part is the hardest thing. You'll bounce back and be on the trails before long. My thoughts are with ya, Joel! Take care.

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