Thursday, December 30, 2010


I've been away from the writing desk for a long time now.
Life has been busy.
I haven't been "adventure" running.
I have been non-adventure running. That means that I've been running 3 miles every morning in the basement - while watching movies with the subtitles turned on. This morning, I started "Patton." Eli checked it out from the library. He also checked out "From Here to Eternity." I ran to that last week. I'm not going to let Eli watch it. It's more about an affair than about the war.

Oh, yes. The reason for this post...
Yesterday, this blog received the 13,800th hit. I know that some places get that many in a day. However, I'm really grateful for those who stop by to read. And those who stop by to see if anything new has been posted in the past, well, month or two.

And I actually did do some adventure running last week. I ventured out on the river right here in town. The river is wide here and tends to freeze well. We'd had two weeks of sub-15 temps. I figured it would be safe. I failed to figure in the effects of snow on the ice.

I got out onto the river - right in the middle, and started to sink into 6 inches of slush with every step. There was no evidence of open water or moving ice. But the snow has insulated the top of the ice and everything was still warm. Needless to say, I furtively ran back to the safety of land and finished my run on the roads.


Julie Ann Fee said...

you are very welcome! it's about time.
slush?! yikes. however, i appreciate the usage of furtively as it is one of my favorite words.
thanks for posting! i hope to see more from you this year, since you have so much free time on your hands. :)
be careful crazy man.

Musing Runner said...

I am so glad to have found your blog. I googled "ultrarunning for the glory of God" and your site came up. I am contemplating a 50K later this year and want to do it for the right reasons.