Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold, Hair and Discipline

I'm running again. It isn't much, but it's running.

We've moved Sadie upstairs into Grace's room. No furniture moved, no freshly painted walls or designer motif from Pottery Barn for the one year old. It simply means that Sadie no longer sleeps in the basement. Her downstairs crib sits empty; her crib in Grace's room gets more action.

We moved her upstairs so I could be more disciplined. As a father of seven, trying to make a decent living, I've decided that part of the solution needs to involve waking earlier. And running when I wake. Actually, the running is necessary else I would never wake earlier.

This running....it's downstairs on the treadmill. While watching tv or a movie. With subtitles turned on so that the noise doesn't wake the sleeping. Yes, for the past two mornings, it's been me, my shorts, water bottle, shoes and "Runaway Bride." I've decided to let my hair grow and look like Richard Gere.

Tomorrow, I'll start "Europa, Europa." I'll soon be sporting a short cropped Hilter Jungend hair style.

One advantage to running right now: I'm showering twice a day and my hair is soft.

I'm also tracking the temperatures. Looking for the first stretch of cold that will justify stepping out onto the St. Croix River. Last year, I just waited until the snowmobile tracks appeared. This year, I'd like to be out first. Don't worry, I enjoy living, and my new long hair, far too much to be foolish.

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Julie Ann Fee said...

.....your hair is soft? you make me laugh. way to get up early. i wish my treadmill was in our basememt....i wish we had a basement.
did you cry during run away bride? that's ok, you don't have to publicly admit to it.
i like your long hair, just last night i said to sean 'doesn't joel look like richard gere? not so much like a man in remission.'
looking forward to reading more of your blogs about running on the river. :)