Friday, December 3, 2010

Being Tailed

We went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. We had a late start, so my patience was already pretty thin.
I was looking for some specific pieces as we strolled around on the third floor.
We found a few.
We were followed the entire time. By museum staff.
We were not just followed. I could feel their breath on my neck.
It made the Institute not so fun.


SteveQ said...

Strange! I've never had anything like that happen there and I usually look like one of the homeless guys hanging around. Then again, maybe I look like an artist.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you were able to see the wonderful collection of Japanese woodblock prints (i.e. Hokusai, etc.).


Anonymous said...

Better than going to the Walker. That place is junk.


DT said...

A sad posting, Joel.

Who comprised the "We" who went? Were any in your party carrying anything beside clothing -- e.g. scissors, plastic toys?