Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tonight, Marty and I went on a date. I needed to drop a car off at the garage to get a few things fixed. So, while the kids watched the Madagascar Christmas special, Marty drove a car and I drove a car into town. After dropping off one car, we proceeded to enhance our date by going to Cub to find dark chocolate. We ended up adding a few things to our cart: red cabbage, yellow pepper, celery, honeycrisp apples, and cilantro.


After reading
Born to Run, we've been eating vegetables for breakfast. Yes, for breakfast. There are a number of things, enhancements, to our lives that have come from the ultra running world such as wool, salt pills, night running, eating while running, eating lots while running, eating lots after running, eating Pillsbury Toaster Strudels before a run, eating Pillsbury Toaster Strudels while running, running in trail shoes on trails, on pavement, on carpet, in the house, and sometimes to the office, Bodyshield and, as of tonight, fighting.

So, it was only natural that we would try vegetables for breakfast.
It's been very...interesting.

During the first week:
I felt light and energetic all day. No need for caffeine. Not even hungry for lunch.

Second week:
Still feel light and energetic. I think about the taste of cabbage all day long. My intestines are clean. I'm hungry by 11am, but don;t feel like eating anything heavy. Marty says she's lost 5 lbs.

Third week:
I'm now eating a little cereal to supplement the vegetables. Still feel very healthy. Still think about cabbage a lot. I'm hungry by lunch but still don't feel like eating much.

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