Monday, November 16, 2009

Beyond the Headlamp

Why run late, late at night:

• few, to no, distractions
• no need to impress anyone - there is no one to impress
   on a trail at 2am in the morning.
• adventure lurks just beyond the headlamp beam
• an opportunity to practice running tired without
   having had to run for 8 hours
• time to think...

Thinking while running:
It is easy to tell people that I enjoy long runs because I'm able to think things through to a resolution. That sounds so noble. During this last run, I realized that this is not really what happens. Instead, thoughts rush upon me, knock me down; I get up, and then I go at it from another angle, only to have other thoughts rush in. Sometimes they strangle, other times they taunt. It's as if the jarring of each foot strike loosens thoughts and gives them courage for a full frontal attack. I end up thinking about something from all different perspectives, desires, outcomes, and longed-for outcomes. However, there is rarely resolution.

I would love to say that all this undirected thinking helps by clearing my mind to be less burdened during non-running times. Evidently, not this time. Maybe the next run will help?! Hope springs eternal.

So do thoughts.


DT said...

telling the truth in the headwind...Thanks for this.

Mike W. said...

Good post, it sure reflects how running and thinking work for me except I usually do get it worked out, it's just that I often forget my solution before I finish the run.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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