Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is what I ran through early Saturday morning; just add fog, mist, trees, and rocks.

I ran trails at William O'Brien State Park from 1am to 4am. It was glorious and terrifying. When the headlamp was off, I could see nothing. When it was on, I could make out the trail from the forest only because there were no trees on the trail, and the trail tended to have less foliage. The fog dispersed the headlamp light almost before it left the tip of my nose. Thus, the trail that I could see was always just the trail 5 feet in front of the next foot strike.

• when I get done playing soccer on Friday nights,
   I can't sleep anyway;
• last week, there was a full moon that just
   couldn't be wasted;
• I get itchy if I haven't run recently;
• if I run at night, I'm not running during time I
   could be with the family
• I need to get more experience and improve my
   night-running (I've got my eyes set on
   two runs that require it: Arrowhead, yes Arrowhead,
   and Leadville);
• running at night is almost beyond describing
   (I'll give it an amateur attempt in another blog)

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