Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Naps

Today is Sunday. Our day goes like this:

Wake at 6:50, cinnamon rolls in the oven, and wake the kids at 7:30 so we can leave for church at 8:00. It takes a little while to get there. We go to first service and then Sunday School.
We're usually back in the truck for the drive home around 1:15.

When we get home, in an attempt to honor the Sabbath, we take naps. At least everyone lays down. Usually only the two oldest and the youngest actually sleep (that mean dad, mom, and Zeke). Every Sunday, on the drive home the question gets asked, "Do we have to take naps today? Do we have rest time today?"

Once the "yes" is pronounced, the next question is inevitable, "What time can we get up?"

Today, like every Sunday during the drive home, the first question came. I immediately said, "Yes." Then I thought about the week ahead and changed my answer. There was a chorus of cheers from the back.

I conditioned the lack of rest time with this provision, "No one can ask mom any questions until 3:15." There were a few sounds of agreement.

Then, Emma slyly said, "Can we make statements that are false so that mom has to correct us?"

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Julie Ann Fee said...

i love this idea. and i love even more the idea with no one asking mom questions until 3.15. good job husband.