Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Attorney?

This evening, Emma asked me to look at her Constitutional Law textbook because it frustrated her. Lots of opened-ended questions. It turns out to be a decent book, taking her through the legal evolutions of significant Constitutional themes.

However, I amended her assignments a little. No more open-ended questions. Instead, she'll read the general development/history of a theme, such as freedom of expression, and then read actually Supreme Court decisions of the "highlight" cases. So, for tomorrow, Spence v. Washington, the 1974 case about a young man who attached a peace symbol to a flag and then hung it upside down from his apartment window.

I asked her to look for several important things: the law that was broken, the facts (story) of the case, the reasoning that the Justices used, and the conclusion. This is the first step in teaching her how to brief a case!
We also talked about the dissenting opinions, and the process by which a case comes before the Supreme Court.

What a night:
my little girl's is reading case law!
and she drove on highway 95, going 55 mph, during our driving session tonight!

She's growing up way too fast. Time to think about home school college :)

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