Friday, September 4, 2009

Whom Do You Serve?

How noble is it to pledge:
"to stop using the plastic bags at the grocery store?"

to pledge "allegiance to Funk, to the United Funk of Funkadelica?"

"for the environment, to flush only after a duce, never after a single?"

A pledge is a serious matter; or at least it once was. A pledge is something that one is willing to stake the continuation of their life upon; or at least their good reputation.

So how do we consider the emotional, youtube, Generation X (or whatever it is this week) plea to do something of meaning found in the videos below?

Only a few of these resolves are bad. So why am I disgusted by these videos? I think it's because it highlights a fundamental reality of our plight as humans.

We were made to exalt in great things. We were made to say, "Wow!" when looking at the Grand Canyon and not when looking in the mirror. When we grow accustomed to saying "Wow" after looking in the mirror, we find that our passions are for little things, our exploits are mundane, and we feel adequately in awe of the mud castles we've created when the majesty of the ocean is right before us.

So watch these videos. Pity these people whose public pledges are 1) the things we do every day, and 2) nothing for which I would lay down my life or stake my reputation. Would you?

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