Saturday, September 5, 2009

This Morning's Run

The full moon at 4am.

Full moon at 6:20

Full moon at about 5:30

Great morning run. Started at 4, finished at 7:30. 18 miles. Full moon. Two scares.
Car circled back toward me, I scattered to hide behind a tree. It was 4:20am. You'd do it too.
Car passed slowly. I came out of hiding, jumped on the road, car slowed and turned around. I scattered to another tree. Car shone its light toward me, then turned around and sped on. I started running on the road again. Car slowed, turned around again. It was then that I realized it was the paper deliverer!

On very foggy road. Pile on the side of road ahead. Running by the light of the moon. It looks like a body, but it can't be. I pass, then think it wise to return just to make sure. Switch on headlamp. It is a body. Lying on its side, left leg over right. How do I approach? What do I do? I walk closer. It's a life-size Spiderman dummy.


Steve said...

Geeze, what an eerie run. I wonder what I'll see in the woods at the Superior 100 this coming weekend? Muwahahahaha!!!

Helen said...

Wow - that was a pretty eventful run :) But worth it seeing the moon at those early hours... beautiful!

DT said...

Yes, I've done it. Beer bottles. Billfold in bushes. Death.

The moon shines on. Thanks for this. First time I've spent 30 minutes reading this blog. Miss you. Cono does also.

Julie Ann Fee said...

lol...that was sooo funny.