Friday, April 10, 2009

This Morning's Run

Yes, the pavement and I are still good friends. Why am I still running on the road? I'm not sure. Maybe I'm inexplicably drawn to run a loop through Jackson Meadow. I've never seen the movie "The Village." So, maybe my subconscience compels me to areas of creepiness. Maybe in a twisted way, I like white-washed, post-Elizabethan Norwegian architecture (in an empty field in MN).

No one. Not a soul. No lights. No movement. No window shades (that's creepy), so I know there was no one in the houses. No color (remember, white is the absence of color). One loop. That's all I can handle.

Great run. Started before sunrise, but no headlamp. Cold: gloves with hand warmers, hat, long-sleeve shirt. Wind from the north! Wow.

No albino squirrels this week. A loon flew over making so much noise that I could still hear her even when she was only a spot in the sky.

Then, my two most favoritist roads in Washington County.

Run Details:
19.25 miles
3:28:00 elapsed time
10:18 min/mile - this pace includes walking and two bathroom breaks.

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David Ray said...

Nice run and pics!