Sunday, February 22, 2009

WI Examination

I like Wisconsin about as much as I like Ohio. I like Wisconsin better.

Well, let me get the apologies out of the way before I begin. Sorry, Bob and Debbie, and anyone else from Ohio. Sorry, Pete and Jen, and anyone else from Wisconsin.

OK. Take two.

I like Wisconsin about as much as I like Ohio. I like Wisconsin better.
Both have beautiful scenery. I've seen some while in Wisconsin; I've heard there is some in Ohio.

I've run some incredibly beautiful trails in Wisconsin. I tried to run along the Erie Canal in central Ohio; the smell and mosquitoes encouraged me to keep to the less smelly and less mosquito-ey pavement.

So, when I heard about the chance to spend a little bit of time, and money, in Wisconsin, I jumped at it. The essay portion of the WI Bar exam is this Tuesday. I was able to waive out of the more onerous multiple choice second-day of the exam after submitting an epic poem to the WI Supreme Court about why I should only have to spend one day in Madison versus two. They approved the essay; probably because it was longer than the stimulus bill. Homer and Longfellow would be proud.

It could have been longer but at 40,000 words, I broke off three keys on my keyboard; n, d, and p.
I was forced to stop; some words were indispensable: " ismal," backwar ," and " epressi g."

When I return to Minnesota, I will revel in a safe return. Then, who knows. Maybe I'll fix the keyboard and start on an essay for Ohio.


Jenna said...


ohio sucks. i like wisconsin. there's a crazy over-stimulating restaurant in madison called ella's. don't try to do any last-minute studying there. but, i like it.

Julie Ann Fee said...

you are so freakin funny. i love your blog.