Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Can't argue with Scripture," said the snake handler.

Tonight, Marty has again been asking me personal questions in order to complete an application. "These questions sound rather familiar. Haven't I already answered them?"
"Yes, you have."
"Why am I answering them again?"
"Because, I used your last answers as mine cause they were good."
"Well, why not just paste those answers into my spaces now and answer your own damn questions?"
"Cause it's easier if you answer them both."

I ended the answer to one of "my" questions with a pat answer; basically a quote from a Scripture verse. It really wasn't too pat of an answer and fit quite well. However, after it came out of my mouth, I couldn't help but follow it with the words of the title of this blog.

Sometimes I think it is best to readily admit the ways in which one's faith is misused.


Anonymous said...

too funny Joel. - Bob

tiffany said...

haha! and nice work on your side bar/label thing.