Friday, February 20, 2009


It's late. Maybe that's why. It could be the soccer buzz. I did go out with a few soccer buddies it could be a soccer buzz minus the soccer.

Anyway, it's late. 1:22am late. No new emails. So, I googled my name.

1. Facebook. Seems reasonable. I'm not a Facebook-aholic, but I try to keep up.
2. Cornell LII Law Directory. Hmm. Someone other than my landlord knows I'm in business.
3. Stackoverflow. Evidently, at some point in my sober life, I created a web site entitled I clicked on it. It's a waste of 3 seconds.
4. Justia Lawyer Directory. Another lawyer directory for which I paid nothing! Life is sweet!
5. reddit buttons. Huh? It looks something a Korean teenager made.
6. I Love Joel Button. Cafe Press. An easy click took me to buttons that have a serious message: "I love (Heart) Joel." At $4.73 a piece, how could I go wrong? I bought 8.
7. I registered. I never knew that
Ben Judd's avatarNakai is deadly serious about the fans!
8. (After 8 click on the backward arrow...) Classmates. Really? Who has actually paid Classmates any money in order to "make connections" with highschool friends or sweethearts?
9. OK. I registered here a long time ago. I thought it was a trail running site. It's a place to pay for downloadable maps of national, state, county and local park trails. Duh, that's what the government is for.
10. I never knew how many buttons with my name there are. I bought 8 more.
18. I just found out that I'm an executive!
17. Oh no. I'm unemployable.

I just googled Joel Button Stillwater. This is better:
1. Stillwater Gazette article about our Ethiopian kids
2. Stillwater Gazetter interview when I ran for school board
then it goes downhill from there.

I googled Joel Button MN. My home phone comes up as #1. That's not so bad until you have clients calling every hour, leaving no message, and they come up on caller ID as "BLOCKED CALLER." Yeah, I've had some good clients!


tiffany said...

great idea for a post! i've googled my name before....why not share the results with my readers?!

SteveQ said...

Googling yourself is called egosurfing. My name pulls up a jeweler in Chicago for the first hundred hits. It used to be all poor white trash - coon dogs, foosball and dirt bikes - that came up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joel, I saw you listed (#9) as "a place to pay for downloadable maps of national, state, county and local park trails. Duh, that's what the government is for."

Just wanted to let you know that we're actually a completely free gear review site for backcountry enthusiasts, including trail runners like yourself. No maps, but thousands of gear reviews and info.

We don't charge users anything to post or read gear reviews, join the forums, or to be part of our community.

Thanks! Alicia

Unknown said...

Sorry, Alicia.