Friday, November 14, 2008

Slow Train Coming

Like most things in my life since I turned 36.5, I try to begin slowly. Burning out does not suit me well. First, I haven't the energy to start fast. Second, I've found that I miss a lot when I leave the chute too fast.

Law school was a big test of this new approach. Most students in law school are significantly anxious. There is much to be anxious about: final exams, being called on during a lecture (the Socratic method can be intimidating during the first year), class rank, a stellar closing argument, polished brief, proper and thorough analysis, finding the perfect case on point. The list is endless.

I had three goals in law school:
1. Keep my scholarship the entire three years (evaluated each semester)
2. Understand the law being studied
3. Keep my family close-knit and thriving.
I wanted to come out on the back end of law school as a better husband and father than when I started. So, I took it slow. I didn't worry about class rank or trying to impress teachers or other students. I studied well for each exam, but not unreasonably. As each year passed, my grades improved each semester.

Running has also been subjected to this approach. Now, my attitude while running is, "Am I running now in such a manner that I can still be running 4 hours from now?" There are no mad dashes any more.

I started my own law firm about two weeks ago; same approach. A great office space in downtown Stillwater at a great price in one of the oldest buildings in town. Not over-the-top, not dumpy. It squarely fits the tone of downtown Stillwater. It squarely fits the tone of me. It helps that one of the co-tenants is an investment company - they're "classy." I've a desk, two chairs, a computer and a printer. Clients came in this week and they sat on folding chairs. They actually liked it. My goal is to spend as little money as possible - you can stay around a lot longer with no debt.

This week, I'll move in a beautiful desk and a file cabinet - gifts from a nice lady who is leaving for MT and not taking her office furniture. Some days, however, it is good to remind myself that a slow train coming eventually moves quite fast and steady.

Check out the web site at: St. Croix Law, P.S.C.


Andrew said...

Maybe slow and steady but your not wasting any time getting to work either.

Noticed on this post your font is much larger, odd, is this related to the dreaded 36.5 year mark as well?

SteveQ said...

I'd say starting your own firm right after the bar is a mad dash!

keith said...

congratulations on your new beginnings! this outlaw definitely just bookmarked your website in his favorites!