Thursday, November 27, 2008

Recent Ultra to Church

Several weeks ago, with Marty's approval and blessing, I set off on foot for church. We live in Stillwater but attend church in downtown Minneapolis, just blocks from the Metrodome. I left at 3am with the goal of reaching the church around 8:30 (just enough time to wash up and slide into our spot about 5 rows from the front on the right side).

Marty brought the kids and my clothes and we did meet around 8:45.
The morning was beautiful but cold. I encountered some problems with my right knee from mile 3 to 14, then cramping in leg muscles the rest of the way. Hammer salt capsules every 10 minutes helped. I also failed to bring enough food.

Nevertheless, the Gateway Trail was beautiful. I came up on one person on the trail at about 4:30am. I think he was homeless. I also found some trails right along the west bank of the Mississippi River below the river road between Lake Street and the University.

I met Vikings and Green Bay Packer fans around the Metrodome and could have eaten several of their grilled delights.
27 Miles to Church


David Ray said...

Nice pics. Looks cold out there. But sounds like a good run.

Lori said...

wow, what adventure!

I'd love to go to church on foot. (I'd have about the same distance to run too.)

Steve said...

Running is my "meditation" and the trails are my "temple". Thanks for sharing, Joel, and best of luck with the new career!