Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yes, those were trail shoes on the Brooklyn Bridge

Yes, I'm going to do it. I'm making a plug for my favorite running shoe ever.
The Brooks Cascadia 3.

Reasons I love this shoe:
1. It is lightweight,
2. well-cushioned in the fore and aft,
3. does not ride too high,
4. is breathable, drains water well and dries quickly,
5. has a forefoot rock-plate,
6. is more durable than the Brooks Cascadia 2 (the outsides of which blow out after about 70 miles of trail running),
7. comes in great colors (demon red, grey, and green. Yellow for ladies)
8. I rarely get blisters in this shoe. No blisters during recent 76 mile run, small blister from 50 miles at Leadville.
9. Smells good even after many uses.
10. Works well on pavement. I ran 26 of the 76 miles on pavement with no problems and adequate cushioning.
11. Works great on the trails: good traction on grass, trails, in mud, in water, on snow.
12. It is reasonably priced at about $90.


Steve said...

Sharp looking treads, Joel. I saw a lot of the green Cascadias at the Ice Age 50 this year.

T Z said...

Like the Cascadias too. Of course, I run in 4 differebt types of trail shoes and 3 different road shoes!