Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Morning

Pete and I get our long run in this morning. It works for both of us and our families.

The Trail. Today the trail was almost impassable.

We ran 4.5 miles on it and then jumped on to a gravel road. The next 15 miles were on gravel and a little pavement, out and back. None of the last sentence is very good for me. Going out it was windy and beginning to snow. Most of the snow fell on our right shoulders and backs. The road was in good shape. No military helicopters diving and circling this week. A couple of guys building a shed in a horse pasture.

We ran to the Sunrise Cemetery, turned around, and then took a few pictures as we ran back through the Sunrise. The naturalist at Wild River, David Marker, told us today that Sunrise did have several commercial the 1890s.

The Sunrise River

Sunrise almost had a president

The "Almost President"

The return... WINDY, SNOWY, SLOPPY, WET. We couldn't wear sunglasses because the snow caked up on them, but without glasses, the snow hit our eyes, forcing them closed.

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Jenny said...

Y'all are positively nuts.

I would rather stick a needle in my eye.


A needle in the eye.
Yep, that's pretty much what the snow felt like.
It sounds like Jenny is ready to go.