Sunday, March 2, 2008


I want to make a strong statement, actually several, based on Jenna's comments. I love Jenna and Beth for the same reasons; they both can swear better than I, and they both say exactly what is on their mind, even if it knocks me off-kilter for a minute (and few things do that having been a boarding school principal and dorm parent for 7 yrs).

1. Some people should not have children. Some people are incapable of properly raising them. I think of Brittany Spears. Children are immortal beings that parents get to share in the creation of. This is weighty stuff. An immortal being. It has a start, but it will have no ending.
Parents will be accountable for their role in this process. Let's pray the Brittany matures into this reality.

2. Children are not necessary in order to have a complete family. Ok, now you know I'm not Catholic.
God had Adam name the animals for a reason. If it were me, by the second pair, I'd be wondering where my partner was. Sure, leopards are nice and soft, but you can't....., let alone talk with one. Then, God creates Eve, and specifically tells Adam that she is one like him. So much so that she is FROM him. WOW. Not a leopard or tree fog, but a woman.
All of the previous days, God ended his creation work by saying it was good. But after making Eve, and bringing Adam and Eve together, He said that it was very good. That's God pronouncement on a man and woman. End of story. It is very good. Nothing else is needed for it to be complete. Nothing. Adam and Eve's children did not come until later.

Children are guests to the family. They are not the center. The husband and wife relationship is the primary relationship in the family, whether or not there are children. We all know of families in which the children are the center. Aside from a lengthy analysis of why, let me just say that we've all recognized that that dynamic doesn't feel right.

A married couple can accomplish many things for the kingdom of God without children better than if they had children.

So, never judge a family by its size, whether it contains 2 or 15 (like our friends at church whose son saved lives during the 35W bridge collapse).


Anonymous said...

Nice Joel. We agree!! Holy crap!
And I'll have you know, I use "Oh my land" in place of other choice words often. See, I'm cleaning up my act a little. Now, if you want any cussing lessons, come to soccer and I'll help you out.

Great debate. Jenna was a little hard hitting, but at least she has a brain and uses it.

I think Pete and his wife sound like a lovely family. I actually know a lot about Catholics (might even be a pro-life Catholic myself, but I'm not telling) and I know of no decree that declares you can't be a loving family without children. That's ridiculous.

Jenny said...

I'm delurking to say, wow. Y'all sure know how to debate, y'all make me neeeervous. But I like reading it. :) And, I agree with both points above. Well spoken.


Beth, I recently had a "reading" of my past lives and in one of them
(as I expected) you were my sister.
Now that I think about it, you still are!
It's lovely that you think we sound like a lovely family. Lovely.:}

Sorry, the smart-ass was bound to show itself eventually.

Jenna said...

Do you think that *I* think that it is imperative that every couple should have children?

I admit that I get little worried that people are convinced that it's just better not to have children in the same way I feel it's more convenient to just not have a dog.

But, I think you know that I know that a family starts with a husband and a wife...and it can end there, too.

Why do I feel defensive?

Did you know that my biological father's name is "Joel"...maybe it's you? How old ARE you, anyway? I'm kidding.

Jenna said...

oh, i forgot.


%^##&*@^&, (#*$&, %@$*@&!!

Anonymous said...


I've always wanted a brother!~Fantastic, now I have one.....Lovely!