Friday, April 2, 2010


I'll be watching the first few ultras of the season pass me by. I'm a little sad. However, I'm getting older, and with age comes wisdom that I did not expect. For example, I am learning how the act of simply waiting is important.

So often, I have watched others, and myself, fret about a problem. Sometimes, the problem has been huge, sometimes just the fretting was huge. But in each case, the problem passed, as did the fretting.

Among other things, one thing always remains the same: time marches on. Tomorrow, the problem may be gone. Next month, the disaster never developed. In a year, a new job or new work may present itself. It's possible that none of this could have ever been anticipated.

So, sometimes the way to avert tragedy is simply to wait, to survive a few more days, to not rush too quickly to rescue oneself from what may not turn out to be a problem.

Here I am this year. Watching races come and go. Not training. Not running, yet. Lots of children at home. Lots of changing rooms, dirty diapers, stubbed toes, faces to wash...

For now, I'll just wait.

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Julie Ann Fee said...

i like this one very much.