Monday, April 12, 2010

First Trail Run of 2010

Yesterday, after church, I was able to get a short trail run in at O'Brien. It was great. I'm not in shape to run an ultra yet, but there is hope.
Races that I've got my eyes on and I think I can pull off this year:

Two Rivers 50K, May 15 (underground)
FANS 24 Hours
Afton 50K
Twin Cities Marathon
Black Dog 100 Miler (underground)

Then, I hope to run some long runs on full moon evenings.

Congrats to all those who ran, completed, or attempted to complete Zumbo or Chippewa this weekend. The photos are great. Thanks to all who have posted them on MN dead runners.


SteveQ said...

Even with just the one 50K, you'll finish ahead of me in the Fab 5 Fifties this year!

chris Swenke said...

Count me in on those full moon excursions.