Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I Run

I often struggle with this question. It is difficult to nail down exactly why I love to run so long. I usually don't know why and have practically given up trying to answer that for others.

Nevertheless, I was struck on Sunday by one reason that I run: so I can eat more. Yep. When I'm not running, I get pudgy and eating is not very enjoyable. After running, I'm trim and can't seem to get full.

So, there is one concrete reason why I ultra run. I'm glad that it is such a morally lofty reason. :)


Steve said...

Gotta agree with that logic, Joel, especially being over 40 myself. The metabolism slows down and it gets hard to keep the spare tire from getting bigger unless you burn a lot of calories. According to my Garmin I've burned almost 49,000 calories in the last 15 weeks. That's a lot of food!

Carl said...

Ha! I love it! That pretty much sums it up!