Monday, January 25, 2010

A Good, Cold Week Ahead

Seldom do I wish for more cold weather. It just isn't natural.

Now, I have to admit, there have been a few times that I've teased about moving further north. You see, my wife does not do well in real warm weather. In fact, sometimes, if there are too many blankets on the bed, she gets too hot even in a cold bedroom. At some point every summer, as I'm looking at my lovely wife's bright red face, I make the comment that we need to move to Canada or else crank up the AC a few notches. To present, we've avoided packing the moving truck.

Last winter, or the one before that, Pete and I would run once a week regardless of the temps. We typically battled our way through -5 degree morning runs. After surviving a few of those, it was my pride that wished for more cold weather, just for the bragging rights.

So, here I am again, wishing for more cold weather. That's because the First Annual Full Moon River Run is this Saturday night. And we've had some pretty melt-the-frozen-river warm temperatures lately. Each day as I drive into town, the open water areas seem to increase.

But my wishes are coming true this week, so says the forecaster on Channel 4. Nothing above 20 degrees before Saturday, and even a few nights below zero.

So, if you were hesitating to join our little band of midnight runners simply out of fear that you might encounter a hole in the ice, fear no more and hesitate no more. Join us. The river is plenty wide enough for a few more of us.

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