Sunday, December 13, 2009

When One's Mileage Creeps near the Temperature

Today, I spent with Zeke at the mall instead of at church. Zeke has an awful cold; in fact, when he coughs it sounds like a dog barking. The nursery at church has a strict rule about not taking children who are sick. In the past, I have tried to entertain Zeke in the lobby, a hallway, a spare room, the bookstore, the library, the fellowship hall.... all to little success. So, we headed to Target and the mall where we royally violated all high standards of a good sabbatarian.

Now, whenever we get within 20 miles of the mall, Zeke begins lobbying to visit the Apple store. Today, his efforts paid off. After priming myself with a half-caff cup of coffee, we set up shop in the Apple store, where Zeke contentedly played on an iPhone for 10 minutes...until he realized that that particular iPhone had no game apps on it. So, we struck camp, moved over the iPod Touch counter, and settled in. After 35 minutes, I said it was time to go. Zeke put the iPod back in its craddle and we struck camp again.

That was all to say that when we finally arrived home this afternoon, I was itchy. Instead of the customary Sunday afternoon nap, I dug out the wool and took off.
It was a glorious run. About three miles to the Browns Creek area where I tramped through the woods and along the creek trying to find the oft-spoken-of-but-elusive trout-fishing trail that runs along the creek. So, I climbed up the embankment and ran on the Zephyr railroad track and kept stopping to peer over the edge at the rushing creek about 100 feet below.

I then turned around and ran up Highway 95 to home. This was the coldest part as the wind tends to speed up as it blows through this narrower section of the St. Croix.
9.1 miles...temperature about 15.

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DT said...

Thanks for this vibrant snapshot. Splendid.