Friday, July 17, 2009


In college, my good friend Keith Jones made it possible for me to go to a U2 concert.
I'm a U2 junkie.
After listening to their newest album several hundred times, I'm convinced that it is one of the best compilations of modern music, second only to "How to dismantle an atomic bomb," "Hello Love," and "Taylor Swift."
So, when I heard on the radio the other day that U2 was in concert, I thought, "Huh, I'll bet Marty would never let me go." That night, very tactfully, I mentioned it. She did not immediately say I was crazy.
Tonight, after asking some friends in Chicago if we could spend a few nights with them, I purchased 5 tickets; Marty and Zeke didn't think they would enjoy it; even though Zeke knows most of the new U2 songs by memory
Road trip!
I can't wait to hear & see "Magnificant" live.


Helen said...

I am jealous!!!

tiffany said...

you're a cool dad.