Monday, July 27, 2009

MN Voyageur Photos

I thought I'd post photos in a rolling fashion. Rolling because I don't have the stamina yet to write a full race report, and also because I haven't been able to find the camera since returning home. Actually, I haven't really started looking.

So, here are some photos that are courtesy of Zach Pierce. Check out his other great photos of the race here.

The start of the race. 7:00am. I was pretty much planning on seeing this spot again at 8pm.

About 50 feet into the race. I've assessed my feet, legs, arms, stomach, and I'm feeling good. At This point in the race, I'm usually pretty confident about breaking some sort of course record.

That's my left arm there in the foreground. I spend a reasonable amount of time trying to get that thing bigger; the muscle part. Usually before a race, I look pretty buff. By the finish, all my muscle tone is gone. Just imagine that the guy's arm just behind me is my arm.

Yes, that's me in front of Steve Quick! During the first part of power lines, Steve was looking at my rear end! His topless approach inspired me...see later photos.

Topless, 3.4 miles from the end. That's Ryan Carter on my left. I caught up with him at mile 32ish. We ran together to the end. It was a great partnership. We talked, pushed each other, took turns leading (to deal with the psychological problems associated with always leading or following), and basically kicked out an awesome second 25 miles together. I would not have been able to get in under 12 hours had I not run with Ryan.

Some utlra legends: Zach Pierce, Carl Gammon and Matt Patton.

I'll post some of the pictures I took from the course once I find the camera; no, once I start looking for the camera.


David Ray said...

So far, so good. What kind of pack you sporting? Looks like my GoLite.

Helen said...

Love it!!!! Great to see you up there and lovely to meet your wife. And thanks for posting pic of you and Ryan - I have corresponded with him via email but never think to seek him out at a race until I look at the results and remember that I meant to!! At least now I know what he looks like :)