Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve & Saturday Night Live

We're watching the New Year's Eve celebration in NY. Well, we're watching it here at midnight. We honestly thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit.

Dick Clark has a good excuse - a stroke earlier in 2008.
Kelly Pickler - eyelashes look like they were frozen or that a ski slope's snow making machine got off course and blew into her face.
Taylor Swift - scarecrow with hair.
Ryan Seacrest - seems to have a vocabulary of one word: incredible. Maybe he's just trying to convince us.
The Jonas Brothers - they were holding some modicum of normalcy.
Lionel Ritchie - anytime Lionel Ritchie is in anything, one must automatically assume it's a spoof. Why not just have Al Sharpton up there?

We had to switch channels to something more intelligent. We're now watching a computer generated Eval Knieval son, Robbie, jumping a computer generated ramp on a computer generated motorcycle over a computer generated volcano in a computer generated Las Vegas.

We've just been told not to try this at home. Hmmm... We've also been advised that if he falls in the volcano, it will "sear his equipment and his lungs." I really have to wonder what "equipment."

Okay. Whew. He made it. Oh good. The REPLAY.

Marty must be drunk. She just changed back to the New Year's Eve Saturday Night Live skit.

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