Saturday, August 9, 2008

Empty me of ...the poison of my pride.

This song has been on Sirius lately. "Poison of my pride" jumps out at me every time. Like pride, poison is rarely a good thing. The etymology of pride is vast, but simply put, there's good pride and bad pride. I find lots that fits into the bad side. I have to work pretty hard to populate the good.

So, to think that former American Idol candidate Chris Sligh would be singing a song about Christ just ... Well, my own pride could fill up the bad side of the "pride divide." But the words haunt me. Actually, they stun me.

Then, I checked out his other songs. I'm humbled. Pretty good theology for an American Idol contestant.

I'm not certain how to blog about this, but hearing my pride described as poison is significant. It is a very accurate description of the result of many of my thoughts; particularly thoughts towards others. I read about some runners who recently stopped to give aid to a heat stroke victim during an ultra. They sacrificed their run. Every day, I race by people because of my pride.

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