Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beating Anton

My children made cards for me in preparation for Leadville.   The cards are endearing and will travel with me to CO.   

Last year, when I was at mile 42, Anton passed me on his way back.  I don't think the kids really wish Anton to do poorly; I think they just want me to do well.  Here's Grace's card: 

Notice # 3 on Emma's card:
Here's the real motivation behind Emma's encouragement:

Unfortunately, if I just run one mile of Leadville this year, I'll beat Anton.  Apparently, he's had some unfortunate injuries and won't be running.  

Finally, here's Eli's wish for me while out in Leadville:
That's me and Mr. Grimes panning for gold in a stream.  It appears that we found some sizable flakes; maybe even some nuggets.


phillip gary said...

Kindly put in a good word for me with Grace and Emma for the Sawtooth 100.

I don't need any further convincing they have pretty strong powers in that they waylaid Anton.

In fact, the picture showing a crawling
runner -- truthfully it looked like me.

Phillip Gary Smith

I bet when you finish, Emma gets the Ipod anyway . . .
daughters always get their way with dads.

keith said...

ha!! those are awesome drawings!

i like the last one where you and grimey have gigantic feet and lots of gold.

Jenna said...

hey keith, i think those are waders. and i like it, too.

i like ALL of them!!! isn't "funny" a virtue? if so, they are on the virtuous path!