Saturday, January 14, 2017

 Full Moon Frozen River Run
January 22, 2017
3:45pm - 9pm

There are a few changes to this year’s run:
• not on a full moon night (one must run on the river when the river can be run on.)
• not in the dead of night (the colors of sunset are so incredible, and what one can see in the daylight is so stunning, that this year, we will start running before sunset in order to see some of this)
• No half-way Aid station.

If you are interested in running this year, please send you interest and questions to

The week before this run, the temperatures are supposed to be in the mid-30s. The day before and the day of this run, the temperatures are supposed to be in the 40s. This will likely open up large patches of water on the river. While there are usually patches of open water all along the river even during the coldest periods, this may cause us to postpone the run. Watch for details.

Start Time: 3:45pm
Meet at law offices of Rollins, Martin & Button
421 Main Street South
Joel's cell phone: 612-805-6861
Kyle's cell phone: 612-751-7167

My office is in the Brick Alley Building, the brick building on the east side of Main Street, just south of Nelson Street. There is a restaurant inside called Smalleys.

• Marine on St Croix to Stillwater, on the frozen St. Croix River; 16 miles. One way.
• We’ll run north for the first two miles, then return south toward Stillwater.
• Running Surface: the river usually has snow on it. There is a wide snow mobile highway on the river.  Snow mobile tracks are well-worn and 90% hard-packed.  The snow mobile tracks provide a wide variety of textures so runners can find the track that suits their desire.
• Plenty of opportunity to jump out of snowmobile tracks and try running in fresh snow.

Average pace of 8 min/miles to 15 min/miles.
Runners end up spread out along the river by mile 5

Self-sustained run. Bring your own water and food.
Cold weather running gear.
Light source(s)

We are looking for someone interested in crewing for the runners by driving and running the half-way aid station   

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