Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Afton 50K

Some random thoughts from this weekend's 50K at Afton:

• Shannon ran the entire 50K with Ananda, who was running her first ultra. This embodies the spirit of the ultra community: bringing someone along. It involves sacrifice. It involve incorporating the preferences of someone else.
• Running the first half slowly is better than running it fast.
• I can never do enough hill work. For me right now, that means the Stillwater stairs. There has never be a point on the Superior 100 when I wished I had done fewer stairs in training.
• John manages races very well and in a manner that causes people to love being a part of the event: setting up, during the race and afterward.
• Saying nice things to people as I pass them is better than being silent.
• It is actually really nice when someone says something nice to me when they pass me.
• More people say nice things to me than I say nice things to other people.
• My running without a shirt may not be pleasant for others but it is really nice for me.

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