Thursday, February 13, 2014

Full Moon Frozen River Run Details

Race Generally: this is a self-supported, adventure run. See "Terrain" below. I have spotted no open water along the course, except for man-made spots that we will explain Saturday night.
Wear appropriate clothing, bring your own hydration and way to keep it from freezing, your own nutritional needs, and your own light(s).

Time: Saturday, February 15. Meet at our Stillwater office at 8:00pm. Race Briefing will begin at 8:35pm in my office. This will include a great story of Kyle Palmer's inaugural Frozen River Run. There are restrooms in my building and plenty of space in my office to store your gear. Parking may be tricky: There is a good parking lot on the high end of Nelson Street, just one block up the hill from Main Street and just one block from my office.

Aid Station: the aid station will be held on the South Lawn of The Dock Cafe. They are excited to have us. This is just 80 yrds from my office and directly on the river. There will be a bonfire, soup (veggie and chix), Nutella, honey, bread, M&Ms, Coke, water, and hand warmers. Use the restrooms in my building - not in The Dock Cafe. You can, if you wish, enter the Dock from their side door if you want to get drinks at their bar. All runners will be required to check in after the first section and at the end of their second section.

Terrain:  there are no ice or snow piles. Simply flat snow fields cut through by snowmobile tracks. There are main, well-worn snowmobile highways but one can jump off of these and run in undisturbed snow if one wants. It is not as rough as rocks and roots on a trail - no Sonju section of the Sawtooth. But, it is bumpy. The most difficult part is punching through snow unexpectantly; like riding a trike with one wheel the shape of an egg and one the shape of a triangle.  Don't expect to run a steady pace. Plan on an average pace of between 9-14 min/mile.

Distance: there are two sections: South - 3.3 miles down and 3.2 back (distances may vary). This section goes past the new bridge pillars, the old NSP plant and many fishing houses. North - 3.1 miles up and 3.1 back. This is the most beautiful section, going past the famous Boomsite, a 60 ft ice fall across from the Boomsite, cliffs on both sides and numerous ice falls and islands. We are planning on running the South section first, saving the best for last.  Strong winds may change that order. Runners will have the option of running further on the second section, but all will be asked to manage their time and be finished by 1:00am - that's 4 hours of river running, which will equate to about 9 hours of Afton trail running and 16 hours of road running.

Post Race: bring some food and drink to share. All are welcome to hang out and chat afterward at my office, unless the South Lawn is too inviting.

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If possible, please send me a confirmation or non-confirmation of attending if you haven't already.

Don't hesitate to call me with questions: 612-805-6861