Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ultra Friends

Tonight, in the span of 15 minutes while rushing in to REI to replace a watch that broke, two friends from the ultra running community said hi; Steve Grabowski and Scott Mark.
What a nice surprise.
Thanks for saying 'Hi," and jumping in to my night. My head was down and tonight I would not have noticed anything but the floor. You both encouraged me greatly. Thanks.
Scott, sorry that I could not find your blog this evening.


Kel said...

Scott's blog is at

Hope everything is OK!

Scott said...

Joel it was so cool to bump into you randomly like that! I really wasn't too sure it was you based on your miniature profile pic, but I'm glad I asked. I didn't catch Steve, will have to watch out for him.

Hopefully will see you out on the trails or at an event this year.